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Couple Therapy Session

We understand and know the devastating impact that substance abuse and addiction can have on the individual who is caught in the cycle of addiction; and the painful effects that family, friends, and loved ones experience.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive outpatient treatment services to the individual seeking a breakthrough from their substance use disorder/addiction. 

We are here to provide professional help and resources that will assist you to engage in the Recovery process.

Once you complete our assessment- our treatment plan will provide effective (evidenced based) solutions that will:

·       Pave the way toward abstinence and begin a life of sobriety.

·       Provide our clients with actionable tools to prevent relapse.

·       Address chronic pain and co-occurring long term use of opiates.

We are a team of licensed professionals who have a passion to provide the best care and treatment tools for our clients.  The treatment of substance use disorder or addiction is our specialty.